Pre-Sales Support

Azure provides specialist IPTV services to Distributors, Dealers and Integrators that have clients who are considering migrating to a digital video solution or who may want to enhance their current system. Azure Development Solutions will offer impartial advice on which solution best fits a client’s requirements. The specialist IPTV and IP networking services Azure are offering include:

  • Consultancy – understanding a client’s video requirements
  • Solution Design – providing impartial identification of the best solution for a client
  • Installation, Commissioning & Support – providing hugely experienced technical skills
  • Customisation, UI Skinning, Apps & Widget Development – experienced developers who know how to build IPTV solutions
  • Integration – providing understanding and skills to help clients integrate NetworkTV into other applications
  • IP Networking – experienced technicians to help design and implement networking infrastructure
  • Equipment Provision – providing specialist IPTV equipment


All NetworkTV products purchased come with a ‘return to factory’ Standard Warranty that is free of charge which runs for 24 months from the date of shipment from Azure. During this period, if a unit appears to be faulty, a competent user should work through the troubleshooting section on the NetworkTV Support Centre. This will either resolve the problem or give an error code to email or ‘phone through to Azure using the contact details given above. The Azure Technical Team will also need to know the serial number of the unit. Ascertaining whether the fault can or cannot be rectified on-site will require a technical dialogue and some testing on the faulty unit. Select here for our full warranty details.

Post-Sales Support

Azure is partnered with the manufacturers of the components utilized in our solutions, and can assist in providing support when issues arise. Additionally, service agreements for support are available, whether for advanced replacement in the event of failures, or periodic system evaluation or upgrades.


Documentation is provided online to assist Azure partners and end users to install, configure and manage their NetworkTV systems. End users requiring further information should contact their reseller.


Azure partners can access software upgrades to ensure their customers are up to date with the latest features and fixes from the NetworkTV Development Team. NetworkTV comes with lifetime support.

NetworkTV Support Centre

To complement our Installation Quick Start Guides, the NetworkTV Support Centre contains FAQ’s and Knowledge Base Articles to provide information our partners may find useful for specific product applications, and general IP network analysis, configuration and troubleshooting. Our partners can view their open tickets with our Support Department.


Training courses are designed around the needs of partners, helping them get the very best understanding of NetworkTV solutions from the outset. Courses delivered by the Azure Training Team deliver the knowledge and skills needed to specify, install and configure IPTV systems based around NetworkTV products.

NetworkTV API

The control API for NetworkTV enables external control of the system. The control API is accessible from the Master server in the NetworkTV system, and the NetworkTV system manages sending subsequent requests to other servers in the system. A programmer using the API should not have to know which server to send an API request to, as all requests go to the Master server.

See our Resources Page for the control API documentation.

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Control System Modules

Contact us to discuss the modules you would like to use with your chosen control system. We provide integration support and receive-control from a host of third party manufacturers including Crestron, AMX, Extron, QSC, Symetrix, RTI and Biamp.

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