TV, Video & AV on Your Network

NetworkTV is a manufacturer and distributor of IPTV and AVoverIP solutions that deliver video and audio across your enterprise with H.264 and JPEG2000 systems combined with options for Dante audio integration, a range of PTZ Cameras and Digital Signage.


Fully integrated enterprise-wide and scalable IPTV solution


NetworkTV Live TV, encoded streams, recording, content library & VoD

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Switch & distribute video & audio through your network

Visionary Solutions

JPEG2000 low latency video and audio including Dante integration

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PTZ Cameras

USB, HDMI, SDI & IP PTZ High Definition & 4K Cameras

PTZ, ePTZ & Box Cameras

a complete range of PTZ cameras for recording, conferencing & streaming

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Control Solutions for IPTV, AVoverIP & PTZ Cameras


control and management solutions including integration with all major room control systems

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Manage Simultaneous Recordings, Upload, Download or Archive Recordings

IPTV Recording Solutions

record one or multiple streams simultaneously and store them in the integrated content library

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Digital Signage

Integrate our solutions with Digital Signage Systems

Integrated Digital Signage

deliver your message with easy to manage content

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Browse the library or search for content to play on demand
or push specific content to selected users


Manage recording, content, archiving and VoD

Video Content

Manage and distribute DVB Terrestrial /Satellite &
ATSC/Clear QAM TV channels

TV tuners

HDMI and HD-SDI encoders to create full HD1080P
digital video streams


IPTV made simple


IPTV, Simplified

Available wherever you are

At your desk

Almost anywhere

See our full range of PTZ Cameras

NTV-M1000 Video Bar All-in-One Camera

AVoverIP Solutions

Distribute Low latency 4K UHD Video and Danteā„¢/AES67 over Gigabit Ethernet

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