AVoverIP – Visionary Solutions PacketAV™ Vision Lite Software

Vision Lite 4K Endpoint Control Software


Vision Lite


  • Free Software
  • Automatic Endpoint Discovery
  • Real-time Content Thumbnails
  • Drag-n-drop Matrix Routing
  • Presets
  • Cross Platform Capable
  • Unlimited Users

Vision Lite is a 4K Matrix Switching, Video Wall Control, and configuration software for use with our PacketAV Matrix endpoints. Vision Lite has been designed to give you the most comprehensive, satisfying, natural, easy-to-use A/V | IP experience. It’s been made so it all “just works”.

The Vision Lite server software is cross platform capable (or “OS” agnostic), meaning it works on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and the user interface is a browser based application that works on PC’s, Apple™ or Android™ tablets, and mobile devices.