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  1. Duet Encoder or Duet Decoder


  • Enterprise Level Security – AES Encryption, 802.1x, HTTPS, SSH
  • Ultra-low Latency (visually lossless video)
  • HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 Compliant
  • USB over IP (KVM) and RS232 over IP
  • Dante™ Audio Embedding and De-embedding
  • HDMI Loop Through
  • Built in Video Wall Functions
  • Adjustable Video Bitrate
  • Auto Video Scaler
  • POE

Visionary Solutions 4K UHD over IP cinema quality, ultra‐low latency [~1 frame ‐ visually lossless] encoder and decoder bypass the constraints of traditional switch matrix distribution systems by harnessing the flexibility and scalability of converged IP networks.

With the growing demand for 4K UHD video, professional AV designers and IT directors–in an increasingly converged AV/IT environment–can use Visionary Solutions products as an alternative to conventional distribution systems.

Visionary Solutions brings the power of DanteTM enabled connectivity to video. For Installed AV professionals, the impact of DanteTM connectivity has been a game‐changer, enabling fast, easy, and economical digital networking of multi‐channel audio over IP.

Visionary’s PacketAV® products can be deployed on any industry standard IP network. They can be used on existing enterprise IP networks or on a physically separate parallel network [private network] to offload traffic, using the same network protocols, methods, and devices but without intermingling video traffic with data or voice, and with equal ease of installation.

An encoder is connected to an [HDMI] AV source signal [a camera, STB, media player, PC or server, BluRay player, or digital signage player, etc.]. The signal is converted into a packetized network stream that is compatible with off‐the‐shelf IGMP enabled Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches (Jumbo Frames enabled). Using an existing CAT 5/6 infrastructure, users can connect CAT 5/6 to any decoder anywhere on the same GbE network. The decoder takes the IP packets received over CAT 5/6 cables, converts them back into an HDMI signal connecting directly to a display, delivering visually lossless video along with USB over IP (KVM) and RS‐232 over IP controls. A signal from any encoder can be sent to any decoder on the same network. The signals can easily be controlled with our Vision Lite software to create different outputs on the display side, including video wall or matrix switching.

 Specifications Duet Encoder Duet Decoder
Size 123/147mm(w/Flange) x 132mm(L) x 40mm(h), 370g
Ethernet Port POE, UTP/STP 1000Mbps (8K Jumbo Frame required)
HDMI Port 19 pin type A female
RS232 Port Phoenix Euro Block 3.81mm pitch ‐ 5 pins
DC Jack (Power) 2.0/DC5V, 2A
Audio Jack (Line In/Out) Phoenix Euro Block 3.81mm pitch ‐ 4 pins
USB Port Type‐B USB2.0 Type‐A USB2.0
LAN Bandwidth 850Mbps max. for each source
Max. Supported Timing 2160p 30Hz @60fps
Max. Distance 120m (UTP) between 2 devices (Encoder/Decoder/Ethernet Switch)
Built‐in Output Scaler
  • Downscale to 1/2
  • Upscale from horizontal
  • pixels < = 1920
Latency ~1 frame
~ 17ms at 60 fps, ~33m at 30fps
Video Wall
  • Up to 8 x16 display
  • Image rotation (180/270°)
  • Accurate frame gap compensation
  • Tearing free
USB Redirection KM over IP: dedicated for KVM application USB over IP: support any kind of USB HID devices
HDMI Audio Redirection 2 Ch LPCM 8 Ch LPCM 5.1 Ch NLPCM 7.1 Ch NLPCM
HDMI Audio Extraction 4 Ch LPCM (32KHz ~96KHz)
Stereo Audio Redirection LINE IN (switch off HDMI audio) LINE OUT
RS232 Redirection Transparent binary data transmission
HDMI 3D Support HDMI 2.0 3D: TnB, SbS, F.P.
Compression Technology Full Frame based visually lossless video compression algorithm
Certificate CE/FCC
Compliance HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.24/RoHS
Operating Temperature 0~70°C
Operating Humidity 10~85% RH (no condensation)
Storage Temperature ‐10~80°C
Storage Humidity 75~95% RH (no condensation)