Recording & Content Management

Recording Video & Audio Content

NetworkTV IPTV provides a management portal running in an HTML5 web browser that gives you control over all the functionality of the system, including software control of recording and content management. NetworkTV IPTV provides the capability for simultaneous recording of multiple live streams and is configured via the management portal. Once the recorders are configured, the control system can communicate with the recorders via the NetworkTV control API to access functionality like starting and stopping the recordings. This allows a wide range of devices to control recording on the NetworkTV system such as iPads, touchscreens, mobiles acting as the room control user interface. For examples where this functionality has been implemented, please have a look at the Customers page.

Content Management

Managing video and audio content in NetworkTV IPTV is very simple and accessed via the management portal HTML5 web browser giving you control over all the functionality of the system. There are two key areas, ‘My Channels’ and ‘Manage Content’.

‘My Channels’ allows you to configure categories in the database where the type/genre of content applicable to your organisation is accessed such as Recordings, Health & Safety, Corporate Communications, Training etc. and provides access to the pre-recorded video content stored within the library. The My Channels are listed by those categories and each category can hold an unlimited number of pre-recorded videos relevant to that category.

Then to manage this content, you access it via the ‘Manage Content’ function. The ‘All Channels’ tab displays all of the content in the library database but you can filter the content by channel. NetworkTV IPTV will simultaneously support all of the main video formats including MPEG2 TS, H.264, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV and WMV. NetworkTV can already support 1080P HD as well as 4K UHD streams and content. The system also allows you to find your video in the library with full search facilities using favourites, metadata tags, and thumbnails.

As well as recording into the content management system, you can also upload your existing content with a simple click of a button. Again all of the functionality is available as commands within the NetworkTV Control API so most of this functionality is available via third party control systems.


Any device accessing the NetworkTV IPTV system can browse the library or search for content to play as Video-on-Demand (VoD). The user will browse through the ‘My Channels’ they have access to and pull the content to their local device as a unicast stream. This can be a STB, PC or handheld device. However, an Administrator of the NetworkTV IPTV system can also push specific content to an individual STB, group or all STB users by browsing the content library and sending it to the display. This is useful functionality for turning every display onto a specific live channel or playing a piece of pre-recorded content at a designated time (ie town hall meetings, corporate messaging etc).