NetworkTV Business Partnership Programme

Azure is establishing a worldwide network of reliable and efficient IPTV business partners as distributors, resellers and integrators. However, Azure is continuously looking for suitable partners to add to its NetworkTV distribution channel to bring its innovative IPTV products as close as possible to the customers on regional and local levels.

Azure values its partnership greatly, and therefore we have introduced our own BPP (Business Partnership Programme) in order to establish and maintain a group of the most effective, motivated, satisfied and highly skilled business partners that represent, resell and integrate NetworkTV IPTV products in the worldwide market.

Becoming a member of Azure’s BPP gives a partner access to the support, training, materials, direct business opportunities, special deals and various tools and instruments that help boost sales related to NetworkTV IPTV products.

Become Our Representative – IPTV reseller, IPTV distributor, IPTV integrator

Become an IPTV reseller, IPTV distributor or IPTV integrator of NetworkTV products in your regional or local market and enhance your company's value added, expertise and opportunities. The network of Azure’s business representatives is constantly growing due to the quality and simplicity of NetworkTV, the competitive pricing of the packages, the commercial benefit to the partner as well as the considerable expansion of the IPTV industry worldwide.

Azure works closely with each of its IPTV distributors, resellers and integrators in order to ensure the effective, reliable, secure and consistent deployment of its NetworkTV solutions and together we can create measurable benefits:

  • new revenue streams arising from representing NetworkTV products
  • additional revenue streams, such as consultancy, project management, hardware resale, project implementation and commissioning, maintenance and multimedia content development
  • access to our know-how and training
  • access to our technical and marketing support
  • exposure possibilities at special promotional and marketing events
  • access to NetworkTV development resources.

If you are interested in becoming part of the NetworkTV alliance, please email All applications will be considered seriously and contact will be established with you in a few days.