Technology Partners

NetworkTV represents the main building block of an IPTV solution, but we recognize that it is likely to be connected or integrated with 3rd party system components such as disk arrays, set top boxes, encoders, cameras, digital signage players, room control systems and other AV devices.

If one of our standard off-the-shelf packages doesn’t quite fit the bill, we are happy to work with you to create a customized version which may include integrating third party items, scaling the size of the system or writing interfaces to specific software API’s.

Close cooperation and support with various technology business partners guarantees that we can offer complete end-to-end IPTV solutions that fit most enterprises – both small and large.

Azure has chosen a number of 3rd party system components that are manufactured by some of the world’s most prominent and reliable vendors and offer these as part of our standard packages or as optional extras. These system components are thoroughly evaluated before being chosen as appropriate IPTV components within our NetworkTV ecosystem and we offer them to you with price competitiveness and full support.

NetworkTV Business Partnership Programme

Azure is currently establishing a worldwide network of reliable and efficient IPTV business partners as distributors, resellers and integrators. However, Azure is continuously looking for suitable partners to add to this distribution channel to bring its innovative IPTV products as close as possible to the customers on regional and local levels.

Azure values its partnerships greatly, and therefore we have introduced our own BPP (Business Partnership Programme) in order to establish and maintain a group of the most effective, motivated, satisfied and highly skilled business partners that represent, resell and integrate NetworkTV IPTV products in the worldwide market.

Becoming a member of Azure’s BPP gives a partner access to the support, training, materials, direct business opportunities, special deals and various tools and instruments that help boost sales related to NetworkTV IPTV products.

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Request for NetworkTV Demo

A NetworkTV Demo system is available and consists of all the essential components of the NetworkTV software with fully enabled functionalities including live TV channel multicasting, VoD unicasting and HLS streaming. It’s simple to run and the Demo will enable you to evaluate NetworkTV functionality or can be used for practical training on the NetworkTV technology. It will run on an Intel NUC or similar or in a VM. The NetworkTV Demo middleware is available free to Azure’s partner alliance companies.